CP-400 is a premium visual acuity device ofering test capabilities high above standards known from use of chart projectors. The device provides many additional features like low vision AMD optotypes, video playback capability, test reporting, spatial frequency and color contrasting testing.


  • Rich set of available optotype charts

    Tens of available test charts possible to display in few modes and scales allow user to select best method for patient test procedure.

  • Color vision testing

    CP-400P has build in color vision tests allowing to verify patient color recognition abilities.

  • Contrast sensitivity testing

    Contrast testing can be performed on CP-400P using optotypes presented at different contrast level or for more demanding customers sinusoidal bar grading test can be used.

  • Patient education module

    Patient education module of CP-400P provides user with memory for storing educational pictures and videos which can be used for explaining eye disorders to the patient.

  • Test reports

    With help of remote control user may record results of patient test. At the end of test procedure report can be created and stored in device memory in .pdf format. The report can be transferred to external computer with use of USB memory stick or via WLAN connection

  • User defined test sequences

    For users willing to standardize their test procedures CP-400P provides programming function. Up to 3 programs can be defined by the user and then started with just one button click on the remote control.

  • Automated phoroptor communication

    CP-400P can communicate wirelesly with many available on the market automated phoroptors. This feature allows users to extend functionality of their existing phoropter systems by functionality not available from chart projectors.

  • Wireless connectivity option

    Wireless communication is a feature available with optional USB WiFi module. It allows to communicate with CP-400P chart panel in computer network and access test reports and educational materials stored on the device.

  • Display size
    24" diagonal
  • Picture to Picture change time
  • Refraction distance
    2.9 to 6.1m
  • Background luminance
    200 cd/m2
  • Auto off function
    5,10,15 min - adjustable
  • Number of user test programs
    3 programs, 15 steps each
  • Power supply
    INPUT: 100 - 240 ~0.9A 50/60 Hz.
    OUTPUT: 12.0V 3.0A DC
  • Power consumption
    35W max
  • Dimensions
    605 x 370 x 30 mm (Length/Width/Depth)
  • Weight
    3,5 kg.
  • VESA mount hole pattern
    200 x 100 mm
  • Letter charts

    Available optotypes:
    Sloan, Snellen, Cyrylic

    Presentation modes:
    Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modyfied, Snellen contrast, DIN

  • Symbol charts

    Available optotypes:
    Standard, Allen, Hands, HOTV, HYVA, Symbols

    Presentation modes:
    Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modyfied, Snellen contrast,

  • Digit charts

    Available optotypes:
    Standard, Digit type 1, Digit type 2, Digital

    Presentation modes:
    Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modyfied, Snellen contrast, DIN

  • E Snellen charts

    Presentation modes:
    Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modyfied, Snellen contrast, DIN

  • C Landolt charts

    Presentation modes:
    Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modyfied, Snellen contrast, DIN

  • ETDRS charts

    ETDRS 1
    ETDRS 2
    ETDRS, revision 2000 C1
    ETDRS, revision 2000 C2
    ETDRS, revision 2000 C3

  • Snellen chart

  • Bailey-Lovie chart

  • Osterberg chart

  • Crowding Bars

  • White/black test charts

    Cross Grid, Cross Grid ( white ), Grid ( children )
    Cross Cylinder, Cross Cylinder( White )
    Astigmatism Green, Astigmatism Snellen
    Fixation point

  • Red/Green test charts

    Schober Red- Green
    Four dot
    Vertical Coincidence
    Horizontal Coincidence
    Fixation Disparity

  • Color vision tests

    100 Hue
    D15 saturated
    D15 desaturated
    Street lamp test

  • Hearing Impaired

    Tests designed to simplify communication with Hearing Impaired patients.

  • Other tests

    FAN and Block
    Children pictures
    SIRDS - Single Image Random Dot Test