FR-1003 LED

FR-1003 LED


FR-1003 Chart Projector is a modern device for visual acuity testing. It is designed to ensure maximum durability and effectiveness. By using a LED light source, the device is maintenance free due to its up to 500 000 hours lifetime. Intuitive remote control allows you to program three customized test sequences. Projector comes with a remote control, projection screen, red-green and polarized glasses, and the base. Alternatively it can also be easily mounted on the refraction unit or onto the wall.

Versions of FR-1003 LED equipped with the Cyrillic charts are available.


  • A wide variety of available tests

    Letters*, Pictures, Numbers, Snellen E, Landolt rings
    Red-green panel, Polarized double panel
    Astigmatism test, Fixation Point, Cross cylinder
    Schrober test, Worth, Minute stereo, Duochrome balance
    Phoria / Phoria with fixation, Vertical and Horizontal coincidence
    Masks: vertical, single, horizontal, Polarized, Red-Green

    *Cyrillic charts are available as an option

  • LED light source

    The projector is maintenance-free (LED life time up to 500 000 h)
    Brighter and clearer optotypes
    Adjustable brightness of the presented optotype
    The maximum power consumption is only 11W

  • Friendly software and hardware

    Programmable display sequence: 3 programs up to 15 tests
    Keep visus function
    Auto off function: 5/10/15 minutes
    Quick chart selection
    Adjustable refraction distance

  • Atractive design

    Streamlined Shape
    Compact dimmensions
    Ergonomically designed and intuitive remote control
    Possible to mount onto the wall, or your refraction unit

  • Number of charts
  • Chart to chart change time
  • Masks
    Single, Vertical, Horizontal, Polarized, Red-Green
  • Avaliable charts
    Snellen E
    Landolt rings
    Red-green panel
    Polarized double panel
    Astigmatism test
    Fixation Point
    Cross cylinder
    Schrober test
    Minute stereo
    Duochrome balance
    Phoria / Phoria with fixation
    Vertical and Horizontal coincidence
  • Refraction distance
    Refraction distance
  • Light source
    LED white
  • Background luminance
    220 cd/m2 - adjustable
  • Dimmensions
    310 x 191 x 200mm (L/W/H).
  • Weight
    4 kg
  • Projection tilt
  • Power supply
    110 - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption
    11 W